The WIDA School Improvement System (WIDA SIS) is an online school-wide leadership assessment and feedback system that supports leadership for the teaching of English Learners (ELs). Rather than focus on an individual school leader, WIDA SIS utilizes a multi-source comprehensive survey to assess core leadership practices that are distributed across the school building. Upon completion of the survey, users receive immediate targeted data and feedback designed to support school improvement and professional growth focused on teaching and supporting ELs.

*WIDA is not responsible for the results or use of WIDA SIS.

CARE Coaching: Advancing Equitable Educational Opportunities Program is designed to empower educators to ensure that multilingual learners have equitable educational opportunities and outcomes. Coaches use the CARE model to cultivate engagement that is: Collaborative, Actionable, Responsive and Empowering. 

*CARE Coaching is a program designed and implemented by WCEPS.

WIDA offers a variety of professional learning opportunities to support educators of multilingual learners. Whether you are a language specialist, content teacher with multilingual learners in your classroom, or a high school principal, WIDA workshops can meet your needs. WIDA professional learning offerings reflect the belief that professional learning is most effective when it focuses on teaching and learning in context. Participants will leave with actionable practices that can be used immediately back in their classroom.

WIDA MODEL (Measure of Developing English Language) is a suite of English language proficiency assessments for Grades K-12. As a flexible, on-demand language proficiency assessment, WIDA MODEL can be administered at any time during the school year, depending on the needs of the district, school, teacher or student. Scores can be used to predict student performance on ACCESS for ELLs.

The Discussion Project specializes in helping educators develop skills and learn strategies needed to design, implement and facilitate high-quality classroom discussion.


WIDA SIS Testimonial

CARE Coaching

EL Educator, Georgia

"This may sound outrageous but I didn't want this session to end, It was so engaging and I learned so much and wanted to keep going!" 

EL Educator, Georgia

CARE Coaching

CARE Coaching Testimonial

I really appreciated talking to you about the CARE Coaching program and felt very energized by our conversation. I am so excited that your company is offering exactly what we need to support our educators. 

Director of English Learner Education

CARE Coaching

Georgia Educator

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