Our options are made for mixing and matching. We work with you to customize a pathway that fits into what you have going or charts a new path depending on the needs of your school or district. You can start at a variety of entry points, and build from there!

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WIDA School Improvement System Services

*WIDA is not responsible for the results or use of WIDA SIS.

WIDA SIS Needs Assessment

Administration of needs assessment for all staff

WIDA SIS Data Debrief

Data debrief with leadership teams

C.A.R.E. Coaching Services

*CARE Coaching is a program designed and implemented by WCEPS.

CARE Coaching: Domain-Specific Coaching

Coaching for specific domains

CARE Coaching: Coaching for Educators

  • Grade-level, Coaches or PLCs
  • Additional exploration of data and action steps
  • Learn more about coaching options

CARE Coaching: One-to-One Coaching

Leadership coaching for administrators

The Discussion Project

*WCEPS provides the Discussion Project with permission of the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Discussion Project and the Discussion Project logo are trademarks of the Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System.

Professional Development for Teachers on High Quality Classroom Discussion

  • Achieve equity of voice in the classroom through discussion strategies that promote inclusion and intellectual engagement.
  • Research-based. Created at UW-Madison.
  • The best strategies and actionable insights for succeeding in a critical pedagogical challenge: fostering and managing classroom discussion.

Learn more about The Discussion Project

WIDA Workshops & WIDA Progress Monitoring Tool

WIDA Workshops

  • Scaffolding Learning through Language
  • Planning with the WIDA ELD Standards
  • Interpreting ACCESS for ELLs Score Reports for Instruction
  • WIDA EspaƱol (variety of topics)


Progress monitoring tool

From the Field

CARE Coaching: Supporting ESOL Leads in Building Capacity

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