The Wisconsin Center for Education Products & Services is working to impact education around the world. WCEPS was founded November 23rd, 2010 by friends of the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The first full time employee came on board June of 2011.

We meet a growing demand for bringing education research and development to the general public through our partnership with the University of Wisconsin–Madison, a world-class research institution. UW–Madison has a long history in the field of education, from research to creating innovative educational tools. Whether it’s testing instruments, curricular materials or educational software, WCEPS delivers these copyrightable products to educators and students around the world to help improve education.


Extend the impact of UW's educational innovations to additional students and teachers and endow further research and development.

Our current offerings

A series of products to help improve education for K-12 ESL students

A survey designed to evaluate leadership teams in schools and give targeted feedback based on the results

Designed to ensure that district and school-based educators are empowered to provide equitable educational opportunities for multilingual learners

A method for alignment studies and other alignment services

A professional learning series for university instructors to strengthen their capacity to create welcoming, engaging, and academically rigorous classroom environments

Supports schools and districts to enhance their teachers’ professional learning, and individual and collective capacity to engage students in meaningful, challenging work.

Offers a comprehensive and successful placement testing program to the national higher education market.